Electrical & Motor Control

PowerLogic – Power & Energy Management Solution (Schneider Electric)


PowerLogic provides complete solution for electrical network management and energy management. Consists of:

  • Power & Energy Metering Hardware/Devices: advanced metering, intermediate metering, basic metering, panel metering, branch metering, current transformers, and communications.
  • Software: PowerLogic ION Enterprise (energy management), StruxureWare PowerSCADA Expert (power management & control)

Tesys Motor Control Solution (Schneider Electric)


Tesys offers complete range of products & solutions for protection, safety, monitoring, and control of motor and power applications.

  • Assembled Motor Starters (A1-A5)
  • Components : power busbar systems (B1), motor starter wiring systems (B2), switch disconnectors (B3), fuse carriers (B4), switch disconnectors fuses (B5), circuit breakers (B6), control relays (B7), contactors (B8), high power contactors (B9), bar mounted contactors (B10), overload relays (B11), and motor controllers (B12)

Altivar Variable Speed Drives (Schneider Electric)

Altivar LV AC Drives for various applications:
  • Altivar 12 : for small machines 0.18 to 4 kW
  • Altivar 312 : for compact machines 0.18 to 15 kW
  • Altivar 32 : for complex machines 0.18 to 15 kW
  • Altivar 212 : Dedicated HVAC drives for 0.75 to 75 kW motors
  • Altivar 61 : for variable torque from 0.75 to 800 kW
  • Altivar 71 : for heavy duty industry from 0.37 to 630 kW

LV Distribution Control & Protection Devices


LV Distribution control & protection devices from Schneider Electric:

  • Power CB & Switches: Switch-disconnector, ACB, MCCB, Motor CB, Residual Current Relay, Source Changeover Switch, Interface & gateways
  • Contactors & protection relays
  • Power Quality: Capacitor banks, PF Correction Controller

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