Operation & Asset Management Solutions

Industrial IoT for Remote, Unmanned, and Mobile Plant Management


Solutions Overview

INetSCADA, our Industrial IoT solution, connects your plant and equipment to cloud service & software. It will help you:

  • Collect and record high resolution data from plant/equipment via internet.
  • Monitor performance, productivity, efficiency, or other KPI in real-time
  • Analyze trends and find anomalies
  • Get notified via sms or email immediately if a failure, alarm, or anomalies occur.
  • Access information anywhere with web-based application, create reports automatically.
  • Feed plant/equipment data to ERP system.

Field Hardware

We can provide all required hardware and sensors for your application, which may consists of one or more of the following:

  • INetSCADA Gateway with built-in cellular modem
  • Satellite modem/terminal (if no cellular coverage)
  • Data acquisition device or controller (if required)
  • Sensor, analyzer, actuator (if required)
  • Solar power system (if required)
  • Weather-proof or explosion-proof panel/enclosure

INetSCADA Gateway will securely connect and transmit/receive data to/from INetSCADA Server in the cloud.

Cloud Service & Software

  • INetSCADA Server: Field device management, data acquisition, recording, and alarm processing.
  • Notification Server: SMS & email notification
  • Application Server: Application-specific data processing & workflow, web HMI, data visualization, dashboard, and reporting.

Our solution can be integrated with other enterprise software (existing software or provided in collaboration with our IT partners):

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS)
  • Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Solution Case Studies

Solution Delivery Process

  1. Solution Design Specification: Development of detailed specification of the solution hardware and software. Including site survey if necessary.
  2. Contract & NDA: Development, negotiation, and signing of contract and NDA.
  3. Field Hardware Procurement & Assembly: Hardware procurement (lead time) and field hardware panel assembly.
  4. Solution Customization: Customize data item, data processing, web interface, and reporting.
  5. Field Hardware Installation: Hardware installation in the field, performed by Smartadeco OR by customer.
  6. Subscription Start: Subscription activated.