Energy Management Online

Online Energy Monitoring & Evaluation

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Solution Overview

YOU CAN’T MANAGE WHAT YOU DON’T MEASURE. Most commercial buildings, hospitals, and factories have huge “hidden” saving potential for their energy consumption. These “hidden” saving potential can be uncovered  by measuring energy consumption in detail and analyze the data in correlation with temperatures, flowrates, pressures, light intensity, and occupancy across building perimeters & systems. Our Online Energy Monitoring & Evaluation Solution consists of sensors (power/energy, temperature, flowrate, pressure, CO2, etc.), cloud gateway, and cloud software/services to enable detailed measurement, analysis, and reporting of building energy efficiency. Our solution can give you insights on:

  • How Much, Where, When, and Why energy is consumed
  • HVAC system performance & efficiency
  • Where and How to save energy up to 30%

Online Dynamic Chiller Optimization (DCO)

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Solution Overview

Dynamic Chiller Optimization is an extension of our Online Energy Monitoring services. Our Online Energy Monitoring system captures high resolution electrical and thermal energy data (including temperature, flow, and pressure) of the HVAC system in your building. We can use those data to calculate or predict the best/optimum set points for your chillers and pumps.

Our Online Energy Monitoring System can interface/connect directly to your chiller & pump controllers to dynamically adjust setpoints that give maximum efficiency without sacrificing tenant comfort

Online Energy Control for Tenant Management

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Case Study

Our customer is a building owner/operator with complex tenant management problems. They need a system that can control (switch on-off) energy/electricity supply for each tenant from remote location (i.e. head office). They also need a low cost online energy metering and sub-metering system to manage their energy consumption. Our solution enables them to:

  • Securely switch on or off electricity supply for each tenant in the building via internet.
  • Monitor where and when they consume energy.

Our solution enables online energy control without heavy investment in IT infrastructure and software development project.