Building Automation System

We Need Smarter and More Efficient Buildings

Buildings today are complex concatenations of structures, systems and technology. Over time, each of the components inside a building has been developed and improved, allowing modern-day building owners to select lighting, security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems independently, as if they were putting together a home entertainment system.

But building owners today are beginning to look outside the four walls and consider the impact of their building on the electrical grid, the mission of their organization, and the global environment. To meet these objectives, it is not enough for a building to simply contain the systems that provide comfort, light and safety. Buildings of the future must connect the various pieces in an integrated, dynamic and functional way.

SmartStruxure Building Automation Solution


SmartStruxure Solution enables integrated monitoring & control of Energy, HVAC, Lighting, and Utility to make a building smarter, more efficient, and sustainable. SmartStruxure Solution consists of:

  • Hardware: Automation Server, LONWorks & BACNet Direct Digital Controller (DDC).
  • SBO Software: Workstation, Enterprise Server, Report Server.

Power & Energy Meters


PowerLogic provides complete solution for electrical network management and energy management. PowerLogic provides a wide range of power & energy metering hardware/devices: advanced metering, intermediate metering, basic metering, panel metering, branch metering, current transformers, and communications.

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Building Sensor & Actuator

Sensors & Actuators for HVAC & Lighting:
  • Air Quality Sensor (O2, CO2)
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Light & Occupancy Sensor
  • Pressure, Flow Sensor, & Thermal Energy Meter
  • Electrical Current Sensor, Power, & Energy Meter
  • Electric Actuator for Ball, Globe, & Butterfly Valves

Altivar 212 VSD for HVAC


The Altivar 212 is a variable speed drive for 3-phase asynchronous motors from 0.75 kW to 75 kW. It is specifically intended for the most commonly encountered fluid management applications in tertiary sector buildings (HVAC): heating, ventilation, air conditioning and pumping.

Room Controller


Application-specific room controllers offer the control feature of DDC systems with the user-friendliness of thermostats.

  • TC-300 fan Coil Thermostats
  • SE-7000 Series Room Controller
  • SE-8000 Series Room Controller
  • SE-8600 Rooftop Unit and Indoor Air Quality Controller

LONWorks Lighting Controller


LonWorks based lighting control solutions, delivered as part of an integrated building management system from Schneider Electric, can help you control energy use inside your building. It can be seamlessly integrated with SmartStruxure Building Automation Solution.

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LV Distribution Control & Protection Devices


LV Distribution control & protection devices from Schneider Electric:

  • Power CB & Switches: Switch-disconnector, ACB, MCCB, Motor CB, Residual Current Relay, Source Changeover Switch, Interface & gateways
  • Contactors & protection relays
  • Power Quality: Capacitor banks, PF Correction Controller

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