Power Management & Control System

Power Management System for Power-Critical Facility

Power Management System will help you maximize the reliability and efficiency of your power network

If you’re running a business and facility with power-critical needs, then power quality, availability, and reliability are central to your operation and success. A lack of power (in quantity or quality) means complete loss of function, loss of revenue, and/or potential safety issues.

Yet your crucial need for power does not mean energy costs are not an issue. In fact, many power-critical facilities are also energy intensive. You need to manage energy costs while also ensuring reliability of supply. It’s balancing act that can pose major challenges.

The Tenets of Power Management

PMCS Intro


Stand-alone or embedded meters measure, collect, and deliver essential data from key distribution points across your entire electrical network. Data points can include MV/LV, switchgear, PQ equipment, and machines. Gateways/servers help aggregate and convey data to supervisory software.


Power management software is the supervisory interface that turns data into actionable information. Benchmark normal operations, monitor real-time conditions, isolate problems, and reveal trends.


Make timelier, well-informed decisions based on valid, actionable information.

  • Maximise electrical network reliability and availability
  • Optimise electrical asset performance
  • Increase energy efficiency and cost savings

Power SCADA Software


Fast data acquisition, control and monitoring software for electrical distribution networks.

  • Dynamic electrical network views
  • Highly reliable monitoring and control
  • High performance alarming and notification
  • Reporting and dashboards module delivers powerful analytics
  • Disturbance waveform viewer to facilitate power quality analysis and root cause analysis

Power & Energy Metering Hardware


PowerLogic provides complete solution for electrical network management and energy management. PowerLogic provides a wide range of power & energy metering hardware/devices: advanced metering, intermediate metering, basic metering, panel metering, branch metering, current transformers, and communications.

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LV Distribution Control & Protection Devices


LV Distribution control & protection devices from Schneider Electric:

  • Power CB & Switches: Switch-disconnector, ACB, MCCB, Motor CB, Residual Current Relay, Source Changeover Switch, Interface & gateways
  • Contactors & protection relays
  • Power Quality: Capacitor banks, PF Correction Controller

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