IIoT Solution Case Studies for Onshore Oilfield

Oil Well (SRP & ESP) Management Online

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Case Study

Our customer, a state-owned oil company, operates an onshore oilfield in Borneo with hundreds of small (10-100 bopd) wells, these well’s locations are distributed in a fairly large area. They use Sucker Rod Pumps (SRP) and Submersible Pumps (ESP) for lifting. Managing small wells distributed in large area is a huge challenge, and dropping oil price forces them to reduce operational cost. Our solution helps them to:

  • Monitor in real-time all of their well performance/condition from maintenance, engineering, or operation office.
  • Collect, record, and analyze equipment performance/condition data to optimize production and quickly identify problem or performance degradation.
  • Provide information dashboard (with specific SRP & ESP calculation and performance/condition metrics) and automatic reporting.
  • Provide SMS and email notification if critical/failure condition occurs.

Our solution provide online Oil Well management without heavy investment in IT infrastructure, hardware, and software. Our customer only need a small investment in field gateway hardware and a low cost monthly subscription for server software.