INetSCADA for Mining & Marine Operation

Dredger Ship Operation Management

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Case Study

Our customer, a tin mining company, operates dozens of offshore dredger ships for production. Managing dredger ships operation is no simple task, they need to accurately track where, when, and how many cubic meter of sand/soil the dredger ships lift from the sea. Our solution enables them to:

  • Track ship position, heading, and speed
  • Record suction/bucket ladder tip 3D (x,y,z) position and movement, generating a 3D map of dredging profile
  • Estimate production volume by measuring suction pump or bucket motor load, and by calculating volume from 3D dredging profile.
  • Integrate data/reports from dredger ship with Geographic Information System (GIS) and Mining Software (Micromine)
  • Provide real-time monitoring of dredger ship opertion
  • Provide information dashboard and automatic reporting
  • Provide SMS and email notification if failure condition occurs, or if operation boundaries or parameters violated