Simple Machine/Process Control

Modicon M221, M241, and M251 PLC

Part of MachineStruxure controller from Schneider Electric, designed for industrial machine control:

  • Modicon M-221 for hardwired architectures
  • Modicon M-241 for performance-demanding applications
  • Modicon M-251 for modular & distributed applications

Siemens S7-1200 PLC

SIMATIC Basic Controller for everyday automation task within the scope of small and stand-alone projects. S7-1200 CPUs are available as standard and failsafe versions. Equipped with integrated IOs, integrated PROFINET interface for programming, HMI connections, distributed IOs and distributed drive architectures.

Allen Bradley Micrologix Family

Proven, small programmable logic controller solution from Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation)

  • MicroLogix 1200 (1762) controllers provides features and options to handle extensive range of applications
  • MicroLogix 1100 (1763) and 1400 (1766) controllers increase the application coverage with enhanced network communications

Honeywell MasterLogic ML-50 Series PLC

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MasterLogic entry-level controller available in compact or modular form factor. Divided into 3 types based on CPU speed, I/O expansion, and networking features:

  • High Performance (H Type)
  • Standard (SU Type)
  • Economic (E Type)

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